A Family history of hard work and dedication to quality

Your driveway or your parking lot, no matter its size, is a big investment and a big part of the image your property projects. That’s precisely why you may want to consider Young’s Paving for your next project. Our decades of experience means that you are hiring a company that knows the business inside and out but, more importantly, knows that a job well done means continued success. Our focus is squarely on you, providing the very best service we know how. It’s your project. And it means everything to our reputation. We are not affiliated with any other paving company.

A message from Richard Young, Sr.

My name is Richard Young Sr., owner of Young’s Paving. My father, William Young, started paving in 1947. He established and operated the business for over 35 years. I worked alongside him for 20 years before taking over in 1983. Now I operate the business with my four sons; William, Richard Jr., James, and Jon Young. Also the Fourth generation Young is now in training… William. We also provide a call-today/pave-tomorrow service for any size job on request. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you. Sincerely,   Richard Young, Sr.